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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Updated: 2011-11-23
  • Developer: WinZip Repair.corp

WinZIP Repair Free 1.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Have you ever downloaded a file from the Internet and realized that it was corrupted making it impossible for you to open it up on your computer? With the WinZIP Repair Free software tool you will be able to easily fix all of the ZIP files that are broken on your PC.

While using this software tool you will never have to download to files more than once simply because they have been corrupted during the compression process. The WinZIP Repair Free tool helps you automatically fix the compressed files on your PC system.

The wonderful thing about this software tool is the simplicity of use because the graphical user interface makes it easy to navigate between the various functions. The WinZIP Repair Free can repair ZIP files of up to 4 GB in size with error codes.

WinZIP Repair Free is the market leading WinZIP archive repair tool available - delivering powerful recovery tools used by expert, professional file recovery specialists - but all wrapped in a package which is so simple, even a child can perform a complex file recovery in minutes! Let's take you through the steps so you see how simple it all really is! First, download WinZIP Repair Free from our secure, fast download portal - we sell WinZIP Repair Free direct to our customers so there is no middleman, which means low prices and excellent customer support. Install WinZIP Repair Free on your PC - this will take a couple of minutes and we provide full installation support too. Now run the utility and you will be guided through the process with our Graphical User Interface - GUI or gooey - this is a series of wizards which automate the file analysis and recovery phases of successful file repair. The first screen will ask you to select the WinZIP file for analysis - now all you need to do is sit back and let the tool do the work. It will perform a careful and exceptionally thorough scan of the affected WinZIP file, which will uncover any anomalies with the underlying file structure no matter how well hidden or how minor. Next, it will match any detected errors to our proprietal error database which is constantly maintained - this will identify the error and also produce the desired solution. You will then be provided with a report on the findings and solution - all you need to do is approve proceeding to full file recovery. This initial process may take up to an hour, possibly longer, depending on the size of the WinZIP file and the speed of your computer. The recovery phase may take several hours to complete as the file is deconstructed and rebuilt into a functioning WinZIP archive - for this reason it is best to run WinZIP Repair Free overnight so you do not interfere with the process and you do not lose use of your PC. Download WinZIP Repair Free today!

System Requirements:

Windows 98 and above

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WinZIPRepairFreeInstall.exe exe 1.09MB 1.0 N/A Windows Download
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